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Windows 8 secret pdf

windows 8 secret pdf

Next, open the "View" tab in the window that appears and ensure the "Use check boxes to select items" checkbox is checked.
Drag the folder itself onto the Favorites icon in File Explorer's left-hand pane, or navigate to the chosen folder directly, then right-click the Favorites icon and select Add current location to Favorites.
( Crtl C and Crtl V for copying and pasting, respectively, also work properly within Windows.) Add mouse-friendly checkboxes to icons For every geek who swears by keyboard shortcuts, there are a dozen casual users who rely on their mice.Microsoft has replaced it with a new hotkey.Launch taskbar programs with your keyboard.Send To options; just drag and drop in the shortcuts to the folders you want to add to the tool.Windows 8 and a free 90-day trial version of Windows 8 RTM can be downloaded using following link: Download Free Windows 8 RTM 90-day Trial Version.Device Manager, command Prompt, task Manager, control Panel.You can create a shortcut to a custom search by simply dragging the magnifying-glass icon in the File Explorer location bar to the desired location.Send to options offer the ability to shuffle your files to the locations you commonly use?Download Free Windows.1 RTM 90-day Trial Version.Add new folders to File Explorer's Favorites Another way to quickly open favored folders is, well, by adding them to the Favorites section at the top of File Explorer.
Hidden "Slide to Shutdown" Feature in Windows.1 and Later Windows.1 comes with a hidden "Slide to Shutdown" feature which allows you to quickly shut down your PC using a simple slide down mechanism.Well, you may just want to tell someone how to browse to a common location for a given application.Windows fonts for photoshop cs5 extended will assign Ctrl Alt key of your choice as a keyboard shortcut to open the program.Advertisements Please share this article: Facebook Twitter Google Reddit Tell a friend Posted in: Windows 10, Windows 8 /.1 What's next: AskVG Apps AskVG Gallery Popular articles Follow us Tip.Slideshow, these small, yet obscure Windows tips and tricks can make a big difference in your workflowand save you tons of time in the process.PS: Adding this new hotkey feature reveals a hidden secret feature on Desktop.Auto-Save Screenshots That's an awesome addition to Windows.Doing so is easy: Just hold down the Shift button, then open the program as you normally would, either via a left click of the mouse or the aforementioned quick-launch keyboard trick.